Soother Clip Safety

All of our soother clips measure at 7 inches (18cm). Upon request your soother clip can be made slightly longer to measure the maximum length of 22cm (Approx 9 inches). This is the maximum length any soother clip can be according to NZ Safety standards. (Note, this will incur an additional charge). The clips themselves are not to be used as a teether or toy. If using your soother clip to attach to a toy please make sure to attach it to a pram, rocker, blanket etc.. NOT to your child’s clothing.
Even though we take extreme care when assembling our soother clips, excessive sucking and chewing on the soother clip will cause damage to the metal over time and may lead to rust. Please do not allow your child to use the soother clip as a chew toy. If your child’s soother clip becomes wet or damp, pat dry and place in a cool & dry place to air dry overnight. Each of our metal clips are nickel and lead free and have a strong snap closure allowing them to adhere securely.


- Check soother clip carefully before each use. Make sure to throw away at first sign of damage or weakness
- Soother clips should not be used in a cot or bassinet
- Do not alter or lengthen your soother clip
- Do not leave your child unattended whilst using our soother clips
- We recommend to discard and replace your babies soother clip after six months of use
- Store in a dry and well aired space